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 Confidence Coach and Consultant


Karen Boise - Certified Coach that lives life with hope and gratitude as my compass.

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Thank you for checking out my site. My true joy in life is partnering with people and asking them the questions that lead to the answers within themselves, which in turn, lead to the outcomes of their desires.  I consider myself to be a late bloomer and I am actually grateful that I am. I am pretty sure I would not have been ready for the life I am now living had I found my 'why' years ago. At the age of 44, after a divorce and single with two boys to raise, I went back to college and graduated with honors in Psychology. It was during this time I was introduced to many of the things I live for and love in my life. I found true joy. Not outside myself but within myself. I found gratitude. I am grateful for all things in my life, the good, the bad, the crazy and the wonderful. I found that with the right tools and mindset I can achieve anything  AND I found Coaching. 

I love coaching and I especially love working with women who are ready to bloom, no matter where they are in this life. The late bloomer, the empty nester, the sandwich generation mother,single, divorced, retired, career driven, anyone ready to awaken that dream that's been lying dormant in their heart. The fact that you found my page and read this far proves it is READY for you.  Asking the questions that have opened the door to transitions in women of all walks of life has created the passion for the work I do daily. 

You will never regret looking for answers and looking within AND you will never look back.

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