I approached Karen Boise because I wanted to change career paths, but felt trapped by my old job and scared that I wouldn’t be able to find a new one. I had been working at one company for over 12 years, and had been pushed further and further away from tasks that I enjoyed and more and more had to do things that left me mentally and emotionally drained. I was at a point where I knew I needed to make changes, but couldn’t quite do it on my own.

Karen helped me to see that the barriers were self-imposed and helped me untangle my needs from the things that were holding me back. She showed me how moving into a new path for the future was beneficial for me and my family, and helped me to see that the guilt was unnecessary.

Because of the guidance and help that Karen gave me, I was able to gracefully exit my old job and change career to something that excites me and makes me happily anticipate my future.

I found Karen’s approach to be kind, compassionate, and straightforward. She listened to my fears, and was able to separate fantasy from reality and bring my anxiety from insurmountable to realistic.

I found the experience to be empowering, positive, and forward-looking.

I would recommend Karen Boise to anyone facing emotionally complicated barriers preventing them from making the changes necessary to create a happier future.
— A.K.
Karen inspires direction with gentle guidance. She evokes the questions within that slowly unfold with answers upon introspection. A natural coach, Karen carries perspective with her into every session, examining the universal truths hidden within each new inquiry. A tender and seasoned gardener of hearts, she uses her own light to help those around her shine brightest. Much like a sunflower knows how to follow the sun. She illuminates the undiscovered parts of ourselves for us to then explore with revelation.
— Emily, Tijeras
I sat down with Karen and poured my heart out to her like I had not done before. I talked about who I was as a person and who I wanted to be in my career life. She listened to my concerns while helping me talk through the various paths I could take. Meeting with her really helped me to decide which paths were the best fit for me. I am so very glad I reached out to her that day.
— Elaine - Albuquerque, NM